Clinical Records details

Zedmed's Clinical Records menus provide easy access to key features, settings and patient information. This article explains all of the options available.

Top menu

  • File - To open, close and save a patient’s record.
  • Encounter - Functions related to an encounter.
  • Results - Lab results, where they are placed by the pathology and radiology providers and the status of outgoing emails.
  • Reference - Links to the Travel, MIMS and pregnancy calculators.
  • Voice - Dictation and speech recognition functions.
  • Library - Links to websites and medical certificate templates commonly used by the practice (in Zedmed\CRS_Documents).
  • Reports - All of the patient reports that are available.
  • Tools - Access to setup screens including Global Options, Doctor Options and Clinical WP Templates.
  • Utilities - Manage data, such as merging patients and tidying up the address book. Requires Administrator access to Clinical.
  • Help  -  To view release notes, shortcut keys, MIMS information and the current Zedmed clinical version.

Main Menu

  • Open Patient - Open a patient's record and access the functionality of the Current Encounter screen. Learn more.
  • Open Family Member - List any other members of the active patient’s family for selection.
  • Close Patient Record - Save any changes and close the active patient's record.
  • Waiting Room  - View patients waiting to be seen. Admit a patient to open their record and start an encounter. Learn more.
  • Results Inbox - View pathology and radiology results, and any letters that may need to be actioned. Learn more.
  • Scan - Scan hard copies of documents and link them to patients' records.  Learn more.
  • MIMS - Access integrated MIMS product information.
  • Address Book  - View the contact details of the practice's referral doctors and service providers.
  • Travel - View the current vaccination requirements for specific countries.
  • Batch Writer - Write letters for all patients seen within one session.
  • To Do List  - A personal planner that can be linked to the Patient’s To Do List, so you get pop-up notifications.