Add Address Book contacts

The practice's clinical Address Book is used to capture contact information for referring doctors, other practitioners, pathology and radiology clinics and hospitals. The Address Book is accessed whenever the user needs to write letters or referrals. It can include the contact's HPI-I so transmitted letters are uploaded to MyHealth record and the secure messaging service used by the contact. When setting up a new contact, you will need to obtain specific information so they can be set up correctly.

Add a contact

To add contacts to the address book:

  1. Open the Address Book from the Clinical menu.
  2. Select Zedmed at the prompt.
  3. Search to ensure that the contact does not already exist.
  4. Select Add New.
    Details section - Important fields
  5. Select the Type of Contact from the drop-down field.
    The Addressbook options will change based on the selection.
  6. Enter the contact's name and contact information into the fields provided.
  7. Enter the contact's HPI-I.
    Use the Search HI Service button to locate and add the contact's HPI-I. If this is not added, letters sent to the contact will not be uploaded to MyHeatlh records as an HPI-I is needed at both ends of the communication.
  8. Laboratory Details: for Radiology or Pathology contacts.
    Messaging section - Important fields
  9. Enter Secure Messaging provider information.
    This section is for contacts that use a secure messaging service: Argus, Healthlink, Medical Objects and Promedicus.
    The service sends Referrals and letters to specialists and hospitals, and the sender and recipient must be set up with the same secure messaging service.
    Check the following:
    • ESend Transport: For most services, it will be HL7. Some Medical Objects customers use PIT.
    • ESend Address: this email address will be provided for the contact by their messaging provider.

      • Select the Search icon to open the ESend Email Search table of existing addresses.
      • Select an address or select Add new and enter the address and practice name.
    • ESend Method: the secure messaging service the client uses (HealthLink, Argus or  Promedicus).
    • Referral format is the format Zedmed sends a letter in. PDF is the default and recommended format.
  10. For Contacts using Medical Objects, see the Medical Objects Knowledge Base.
    Laboratory details - important fields
    If the Type of Contact you selected from the drop-down was radiology or Pathology, there will be a Laboratory Details sections.
  11. Select the Paper Type.
    This is the template used to print on the laboratory's paper. The template is created by Zedmed for the laboratory.
  12. Select if this should be the Preferred Laboratory.
    Practice locations - important fields
  13. If the practitioner has a Provider number, enter it into the Provider No field. This is used by Medical objects in sending secure messages.
  14. Select OK when you have finished to save your changes.

Add a Secure Send contact

To use Secure Send for laboratory referrals, you must create a pathology addressee with the 'PathologyZedmedRequestForm' template and a radiology addressee with the 'RadiologyZedmedRequestForm' template. 

These 2 generic templates are provided by Zedmed for Secure Send, as the other templates are designed to be printed on laboratory-specific paper. These generic templates also support electronic signatures, and the practitioner who is logged in will have their signature automatically added to the referral. 

Secure Send is ideal for telehealth and remote consultations where the practitioner cannot print a referral for the patient. Practitioners must select the pathology or radiology address linked to the generic secure send template, and the referral will be sent directly to the patient.