Finding the right report

Use this guide to find the right Zedmed report for the information you require.

I want to see:The required report is: The configurations are:
Doctor paymentsReception>Daily Reports>Transaction/GST report
Select the period and Transaction Type > Receipts. Can filter by Doctor.
Reports tab > Credit Allocation ReportSelect period then Banklist, Branch or Doctor.
Item codes billed
E.g Patients who have reached the Medicare service limit.
Management>Reports>Patient Service ReportIn one of the two sections, enter item numbers to display if a patient has or has not been billed. 
Billing by fee type
E.g Compare the clinic's % of private vs bulk billing.
Management>Reports>Statistics ReportPie charts > Show Fees and Group by > Fee type. Can filter by Doctor.
Patients' email addressesManagement>Reports>PatientsStyle = CSV file. Tick Have Email Address checkbox.
Debtors outstanding invoicesManagement>Debtors>Debtors ReportSelect Payer type. Review the other filters such as Style and Dates.
Unbilled attendances 
For all or treating Doctor.
Reception>Daily Reports>AttendancesUse the Filter drop-down to select attendances Not Billed
Account reminder statements
Statement of patients' outstanding invoices.
Management>Debtors>Account RemindersInclude a custom message for each Ageing Period (#1 #2 #3). 
A doctor's day sheet
Produces a list of appointments for the day.
Reception>Daily Reports>AppointmentsSelect the day's date and select the Doctor. Review other filters. 
Canceled appointments & whyReception>Daily Reports>AppointmentsUnder Style, select Cancelled/Missed radio button. Review other filters.
Unactioned results
Initial and pending results
Clinical > Reports>Incomplete ResultsGroup or filter by Doctor. Select Status Not Completed.
Outstanding referralsClinical>Reports>Outstanding ReferralsCheck the Status is set to Open - Results received'.
Doctor's Lab ReferralsClinical>Reports>Referral Request ReportSelect doctor under Criteria. Review the Date Range and Request Status.  
Patient referrals by doctorManagement>Reports>Referral Doctor Statistics Review the filters. E.g., how to Group the information and the date range.
High-risk medicine scriptsClinical>Reports>Patients Drug ReportCurrent Drug Search Criteria, enter drug name (min 3 char). Screen.
Health Summary uploadsClinical>Reports>Tracking Health Record Uploads.Run for Event Summary, Shared Health Summary or both.
Patient recallsManagement>Reports>RecallsSelect the Maturity Date range with due care when varying the dates.
A list of new patientsReception> Daily Reports>Appointment ReportsSelect New Patient from the Appointment Type drop-down.