Zedmed's Address Book is fully integrated with HealthShare so practitioners have access to Australia's largest Specialist and Allied Health directory. HealthShare requires Zedmed v36.3.3 or later.


  • HealthShare is for printed referrals only -it does not support secure messaging (HealthLink, Argus etc).
  • For referral letters, practitioners can choose an addressee from the Zedmed Address book or the HealthShare directory.
  • For laboratory referrals, practitioners can use the cc: option to add a practitioner from HealthShare to inform them of the lab request.

Setting the default Address Book tab


The HealthShare directory requires internet access. Users with restricted internet access, such as Citrix, RDP and Cloud users, will need their firewall to allow access to


Referrals and letters for HealthShare recipients cannot be sent using secure messaging (HealthLink, Argus etc). Only contacts added to the Clinical Address book by the practice can support secure messaging.

Selecting the default

The Zedmed Address Book has two directory tabs: 

  • The Address Book tab is a directory of contacts added to Zedmed by the practice.
  • The HealthShare tab is for HealthShare's Specialist and Allied Health directory.

When you open the address book, the Default Address Book Selection dialog will open:

  • If you untick Ask every time, the Address Book will default to the tab for the current selection: Zedmed or HealthShare.
  • If you leave Ask every time selected, you will receive this prompt each time you open the address book.

To manually set or change the default tab:

  1. Open Zedmed Clinical.
  2. Select Tools > My Options.
    The My Options screen will open
  3. In the Address Book section, select Zedmed or HealthShare.

Using the HealthShare directory

When creating a letter or referral, the search icon by the addressee opens the Address Book, where you can then select the HealthShare directory.

Zedmed features that open the Address Book include:

To add a HealthShare directory recipient to a letter or referral:

  1. Open the Zedmed Address book.
    In this example, we will use the Referral Letters module.
  2. If the HealthShare tab is not the default, select the HealthShare tab or HealthShare on the dialog prompt.
  3. Search for the practitioner.
    When you start typing, a drop-down results menu will appear.
    You can type in the:
    •  Practitioner name
         Select a practitioner from the list shown and their profile will open, as shown in the screenshot below.
    •  Practice name
         Select the practice from the list, then select a practitioner at the practice or use the practice as the recipient.
    •  Specialty name
         Select the specialty then either enter the location to filter the results or select a practitioner from the list.
  4. Select  Write Referral or Write Letter
    This will be to the practitioner or practice, as shown in the scenarios below for a referral.
    There are 3 ways to do this:
    a) To the practitioner from the practitioner page.b) To the practice or practitioner from the practice page.Tc) o the practice or practitioner from the practice group page.
  5. The practice or practitioner will be added as a recipient for the referral or letter.
    These are the fields next to the Address book/search icon.
  6. Complete the letter or referral.