Measuring practitioner's time

This section explains how Zedmed measures a practitioner's time and defines a practitioner for licensing. 

It can be important for practices to understand how a doctor's time is allocated in Zedmed so that doctors' time and remuneration can be correctly allocated. 

Doctor license types

A doctor is a user in Zedmed with a doctor's profile.

Full-time doctor
A doctor that averages more than 24 scheduled or consulting hours in Zedmed per week,  whatever is higher. 

Part-time doctor
A doctor that averages less than 24 scheduled or consulting hours in Zedmed per week,  whatever is higher. 

Time management

Scheduled hours
The time in Zedmed's Appointment Book when a doctor is available for bookings. 

Appointments hours
The time in a doctor's scheduled hours that has booked appointments.  

The screenshot below shows appointments added to 2 doctors' schedules. The schedules are divided into 15-minute time slots into which 10-minute standard consults are added. Longer consults take 2 time slots.

Encounter hours
The duration of a patient's encounter as recorded by the doctor using the encounter timer. This could be longer or shorter than the actual appointment. 

•    A schedule is reserved for a specific activity such as taking appointments or giving consultations.
•   An appointment duration can depend on the appointment type, e.g., standard, long and specialist consultations.
•   When a doctor should start and end the Encounter timer is up to the doctor or clinic.