Appointments Report

The Appointment Report lists all appointments for the day for all branches, or a selected branch, and can be printed or saved to email to staff. The report includes what SMS reminders were sent and what appointments were cancelled or missed. 

Video guide

Our 3.5-minute quickstart video explains how the report works and how it can be used!

Running the report

To open the Appointment Report:

  1. Go to Zedmed's Reception tab.
  2. Select Daily Reports > Appointments.
    The Appointment Report screen will open.
  3. Select the Style of report you want:

    • Appointments Only - prints all appointments (one page per doctor) for the selected date range and start/ finish times.
    • Appointments and Available Slots -  prints empty and booked slots. We recommend setting the Time From/To criteria. It will normally begin at the Surgery Opening Time as defined in the Branch Options.
    • Cancelled/Missed -  prints a list of appointments that were cancelled (not deleted) or Missed (patient not Attended in the Waiting Room).
  4. Select the report's Criteria.
    You can focus on a specific Branch or Treating Doctor, and set the date and time range that you want the include.
  5. Select Print to print out the report or Screen open it. The Screen view has print and save menu options.
    Export will export the data to a CSV file.

SMS features

Zedmed will automatically send appointment notifications and reminders as explained in the Appointment Notifications guide. 

You can use the Appointments Report to manually send a reminder as explained in the Appointment reminders guide.

The Appointment Report can also be used to modify the text used in the messages. The modifications are made using the Report and Mail Merge tabs and the Send Appointments via SMS option.