Secure messaging clients

Zedmed Cloud uses middleware to move results and acknowledgments between your securing messaging client and Zedmed Cloud. If you move from Zedmed On-Prem to Zedmed Cloud, you may need to have your securing messaging client reconfigured or moved. 

How is this integration set up? 

The Zedmed Cloud Middleware is installed on the computer that your securing messaging client is installed on. The installation is performed by Zedmed as part of your onboarding. 

What does your securing messaging provider need to do? 

If you do not have the securing messaging client installed, or if you need to have it installed on another computer (e.g., if you are decommissioning your Zedmed Server), your securing messaging provider will need to install their client. 

What do I need to do? 

Contact your securing messaging provider to arrange for the installation of their client. It will need to be installed on a computer that is maintained by the practice or the practice’s 3rd party IT support.

The PDFs below can be given to your securing messaging provider to explain the requirements.

•   For HealthLink Zedmed-Cloud-HealthLink.pdf
•   For Argus Zedmed-Cloud-Argus.pdf
•   For Medical Objects Zedmed-Cloud-Medical-Objects.pdf