Moving to ZedSMS

Fast, reliable and secure, ZedSMS is the most effective and afforable way to communicate with your patients.

Customers who are currently using a 3rd party SMS service can change to ZedSMS by contacting their Zedmed Business Development Manager. The only requirement is that you need to be using Zedmed version 33.12 or later.

The change to ZedSMS can be made during business hours, and once the settings have been saved, all SMS notifications will seamlessly and immediately start using ZedSMS. 

All ZedSMS users get access to a range of features and self-service options using our ZedSMS Message Centre.

  • Easily purchase your own credits.
  • Enable auto top-ups for SMS credits so you never run out.
  • Manage patients' SMS opt-outs.
  • Review and action undeliverable SMS messages.
  • Send quick SMS messages from the Message Centre.
  • Review your credit history and produce SMS activity reports.

3rd party SMS provider support will be removed in Zedmed v36.2.0.

To learn more, see our ZedSMS product page.