Find an appointment

Search the Appointment Book for all bookings that have been made for a patient, then open or delete any of the appointments found.


  • The Appointment Book of the branch you logged into (the default branch) will be searched.
  • The change branch, press F3 and choose from the Select Branch screen.
  • You can't search for a non-patient booking as the person has not been registered.
  • You cannot search for Online Appointments bookings that have not been reconciled to a patient.

To find an appointment:

  1. Go to Zedmed's Reception tab.
  2. Select Appointments.
  3. Select Search > Find Appointment from the top menu.
    The Patient Search screen will open.
  4. Enter the patient's name into the Search field.
  5. Select Search.
  6. Select the patient.
  7. Select OK.
    To learn more, see the finding a patient record article.
    The Search for Appointments screen will open.
    It displays the patient's appointments and looks back a month (in case an appointment was missed) and forward a year.
    You can perform the following actions:

    • Go to - Takes you to the day of the selected appointment with the appointment highlighted.
    • Print List - opens a report of the listed appointments. Select the printer icon to print it out.
    • Delete - removes (and cancels) an unwanted appointment.
      An appointment should be canceled, not deleted. Deleted appointments are not included in the canceled appointment report.
      To learn more, see the Cancel an appointment article.
    • Find - opens the Patient Search screen so you can look for another patient.
    • Refresh - if you change the From/To date range, you need to select the Refresh button.
  8. Select Close to return to the Appointments Display Grid.