Create an activity type

Create an Activity Type for a schedule. This Activity Type will determine the types of appointments that can be booked in that schedule's time. For example, a "Consultation" Activity Type could be created for a schedule that can only be used for Short Consultation and Long Consultation Appointment Types.


A practitioner's Schedule in the Appointment Book is allocated an Activity Type with a colour, for example, blue for Consultation time and purple for Theatre time. This tells staff what Appointment Types they should book in the doctor's schedule. Appointment types have a colour that replaces the colour of the Activity Type in the Appointment Book.

Example: A practice has a green Activity Type - Theatre used for the Appointment Type > Surgery and a blue Activity Type -Consultation used for the Appointment Types: Long Consultation-30min, Std Consultation-15min and New Patient-30min. Reception wants to book a Std Consultation and sees 2 doctors with a blue schedule and 1 doctor with a green schedule,  and make the appointment in a blue block of time.

To create an Activity Type:

  1. Go to Zedmed's Management tab.
  2. Select Practice Setup then Appointments > Activity Types.
    The Appointment Activity Types screen will open.
  3. Select New.
    The New Appointment Activity screen will open.
  4. In the Description field, enter a description for the activity type.
  5. Select Set Text Colour.
  6. Select a colour from the palette and OK to save it.
  7. Select Set Background Colour.
  8. Select a colour from the palette and OK to save it.
    This colour will be applied to blocks of time scheduled using this activity type in the Appointment Book.
  9. Select Close to save and exit.
  10. Log out and back into Zedmed to start using the new Activity Type.