ReturnToWorkSA eWCC

An Electronic Work Capacity Certificate (eWCC) makes it easy for doctors to certify patient capacity and prescribe treatment.  Zedmed streamlines the process of creating and sending an eWCC, and once you have created a certificate, it can be cloned by other doctors at the same practice to create new certificates for the selected patient.

To enable the eWCC, see the ReturnToWorkSA guide.

Once you have created an eWCC, it will be available to all doctors in the practice to clone (copy) if that patient requires another certificate.

To create an eWWC:

  1. Go to Zedmed's Reception tab.
  2. Select Clinical Records.
    The Clinical Records screen will open.
  3. Admit the patient from the Waiting Room or use the Open Patient button to open the patient's record.
    To learn more, see the Start an encounter guide.
    The Clinical Records screen will now display the patient's information.
    Above the Summary Views section is the new ReturnToWorkSA button. This button will only be active for practices with ReturnToWorkSA enabled.
  4. Select the ReturnToWorkSA icon.
    The ReturnToWorkSA Referrals Platform will open in the computer's default web browser.
  5. Accept the Authorisation message.
    The Work Capacity Certificate page will open and show any previous certificates created by other doctors for this patient at the practice.
    This Work Capacity Certificate screen can be used to:

    • Create a WCC by cloning an existing one using the Create Subsequent WCC option.
    • Create a new WCC by selecting Create New WCC, as explained in the following steps.
  6. Select the Create New WCC button and fill in the online form.
    The WCC form's Patient and Doctor's details sections will be populated with information from Zedmed. This is the patient whose record is open and the doctor who is currently logged into Zedmed.
  7. Once the Work Capacity Certificate form has been completed, select Send & Print.
    The Work Capacity Certificate will be sent to your practice's Zedmed server.
    Note: Once the  Work Capacity Certificate is available on your practice's Zedmed server, other doctors will be able to see and use that certificate.
  8. From the Work Capacity Certificate completion screen, you can Print the certificate or Return to the certificate list.
  9. Go back to the patient's Clinical Record in Zedmed.
  10. Select  Results > Import Laboratory Results.
  11. Select the Results Inbox.The Work Capacity Certificate will import into the doctor's Results inbox.
    From here, the certificate can be viewed, saved to another location, printed and emailed.
    The Work Capacity Certificate can also be opened from the Summary Views Incoming Documents tab.