Summary Views Problems

Use the Problems tab in Summary Views to resolve a patient's current problems and review past and present problems. Summary Views can be accessed while in any clinical module and allows you to quickly view a patient's clinical history.

When you open a patient in clinical, the Summary View will appear on the lower left. You do not need to start an encounter.

Right-clicking a problem in Summary Views allows you to make the following updates:

  • Add this Problem to the current encounter.
  • Make Problem Resolved (for a current problem -  see below).
  • Make Problem Current (for resolved problems).
  • Edit Problem Management Plan - so you can update your notes.
  • Problem Maintenance - to take you back to the Define Problem screen.
    To learn more see the Add problem from ICPC,  Add existing/recent problem or Add problem using free text article. 

Resolve a problem

When a patient no longer has a problem, it should be set to resolved. 

To resolve a problem:

  1. Select the Problems tab in Summary Views.
  2. Right-click the problem.
  3. Select Make Problem Resolved.
    The problem will now appear in the Resolved Problems section in Summary Views.