Charge a non-attendance fee

If you take pre-payment (deposit) for an appointment, a non-attendance charge can be taken from the deposit and the remaining credit refunded. This guide explains how to process a non-attendance charge and refund the remaining credit.  

To take the pre-payment, see the Take a deposit guide.

Charge non-attendance fee


Create an item called Admin Fee.

The item creation process is documented in the Add an Item guide.  


The first step is to charge the non-attendance fee: 

  1. Open the Patient's record.
  2. Select the Bill menu at the top of Patient Details.
    The New Invoice screen will open.
  3. Enter the Item number.
  4. Select Quick Pay.
    The Quick Pay screen will open.
  5. Select Payments type Credits.
  6. Select OK on the dialog window.
  7. Select Add.
  8. Select Suppress to save the invoice.
    The credit balance will be adjusted accordingly.

Refund the remaining credit

The rest of the deposit can then be refunded:

  1. Open the patient's Account Enquiry screen.
  2. Check that the patient is the Payer.
  3. Select the Payments button.
  4. Select the receipt with the credit outstanding amount.
  5. Select Refund.
    The Refund screen will open.
  6. Select the Bank Account the refund is to be processed from.
  7. Select the Method.
  8. Enter any Details.
  9. Select OK.
    The credit will be refunded.