Attendance Report

The Attendance Report shows patients seen by a doctor and includes their billed items and whether the invoices were paid. It can be used for doctors to check, and as a statement of daily activity for locums and employee doctors.

Using the report

While it is a useful report for quickly checking daily activity, it shouldn't be used to calculate income or accounting purposes. The best report for those scenarios is the Transaction/ GST Report.

An attendance is a single patient/doctor encounter that may generate one or more invoices. The Attendance Report will show one encounter but may have 4 billing items, but the Transaction Report/GST Report will show 4 invoices. More than one attendance record may exist for one day as a result of a second, distinct patient/doctor encounter created using the Attendance Form.

If the Arrival Time for the patient's attendance is shown as 6.00 am, this is because the bill was created through Patient Details/Bill (not Waiting Room/Bill), and the Attendance Form was not used to record the specific arrival time. The invoice that was created using Patient Details/Bill automatically creates an Attendance report record, but sets the time to 6.00 am.

Opening the report

To open the Attendance Report:

  1. Go to Zedmed's Reception tab.
  2. Select Daily Reports > Attendances.
    The  Attendance Reports screen will open.
  3. Select the required Style, Data and Criteria.
    Notable selections:

    • Use the Criteria Group by Treating Doctor or Treating Doctor to produce reports delimited for individual doctors. 
    • If the New Page on Group By field is ticked, each doctor's entry will start on a new page.
    • The Referral Doctor Criteria can be used to list all attendances for patients referred by individual referring doctors.
    • The Patient Criteria can be used to list all attendances for a patient grouped by the Treating Doctors.
    • The Filter option can be used to select only those attendances, within a date range, that have not yet been billed.
  4. Select Print to print out the report or Screen open it. The Screen view has print and save menu options.
    Export will export the data to a CSV file.