Running an encounter


Starting an encounter
Start an encounter for an on-site patient from the Waiting Room, or manually start an encounter for a patient who is not on-site. You can then use the Clinical Records screen to record patient information
Navigating Clinical Records
Zedmed's Clinical Records screen makes it easy to review and update clinical information and manage consultations. The menus and sections provide easy access to key features and patient information.
Recording clinical information
Use the Current Encounter screen to record information and access the clinical modules. This information includes the REF, your own clinical notes and entries made by the clinical modules used during an encounter.
End encounter and billing
Finish an encounter and provide billing information for reception. When the patient has been billed, they will be removed from the Waiting Room. If required, you can also delete the encounter.
Backdate an encounter
Backdate an encounter up to 7 days to allow sufficient time to catch up on home or weekend visits. The 7-day limit is imposed for medico-legal reasons and should provide sufficient time.