Shortcut keys

Navigate Zedmed using function key shortcuts that allow you to quickly find users and change screens with a keystroke.

Office shortcut keys

  • F2    Opens the Quick Login dialog (to change user).
  • F3    Opens the Select Branch screen (to change branch).
  • F4     Press F4 once to open the patient search screen.
  • F4     Press F4 twice to open the last patient record that was open.
  • F5     Printer Mapping Setup. 
  • F6     Change Pictures on Reception/Management screen. 
  • F7     Opens Intramail from the Reception, Management or Utilities screen.

Appointment Book shortcut keys

  • F7     Attends a patient.
  • F8     Marks an Appointment slot as being "Unavailable".
  • F9    Shows the Booking Rules for the selected doctor.

Clinical shortcut keys

  • F4     Open Patient
  • F5     Refresh History
  • F6     Process Results
  • F7     Intramail
  • F8     MIMS module
  • F9     Address Book
  • F10    Start Encounter
  • F11    Scanner Module
  • F12    Spell Check 
  • Ctrl+F4      Open Family Member 
  • Ctrl+F6      Import Lab Results 
  • Ctrl+F10   Stop Encounter 
  • Ctrl+Alt+B    Pregnancy Module 
  • Ctrl+D    Define Problem 
  • Ctrl+E    Examination Templates 
  • Ctrl+H    Family and Past History
  • Ctrl+O    Observations 
  • Ctrl+P    Prescriptions  
  • Ctrl+R    Referrals 
  • Ctrl+T    Auto Text 
  • Ctrl+S    Save Patient 
  • Alt+X     Exit Application 
  • Ctrl+Del   Delete Encounter Segment  
  • Ctrl+Ins   Add Encounter Segment 
  • Alt+I     Immunisations 
  • Alt+A  Allergies 
  • Alt+P  Print History