Summary Views Immunisations

Use the Immunisation tab in Summary Views to review a patient's immunisation history or delete a specific vaccination. Summary Views can be accessed while in any clinical module and lets you quickly view a patient’s history.

When you open a patient in clinical, the Summary View will appear on the lower left. You do not need to start an encounter.

The Include MHR icon is selected by default and shows information uploaded by other healthcare providers, if the patient has registered for My Health Record. Each MHR entry appears by an icon and double-clicking the entry will open the record. In the screenshot below, there is an MHR entry for a Generic Influenza vaccination.

To delete a vaccination:

  1. Select the Immunisation tab in Summary Views.
  2. Right-click the vaccinations.
  3. Select Delete this Immunisation.
  4. Select Yes on the confirmation dialogue.