Scheduling FAQ

How do schedules and appointments work?

Time in the Zedmed Appointment Book is divided into schedules, and each schedule has an activity type to determine the types of appointments that can be booked at that time. In order to manage an effective appointment book, it's important to have schedules set up for doctors and resources like practice nurses. Common Activity Types include short consult, long consult, new patient, walk-in and review.

Why is the Appointment Book locked?

This can be caused by overlapping sessions across cycles. To resolve this, compare the cycles and de-conflict or delete the overlap.

To learn more, see the Create a Schedule guide.

How can I find out why a new schedule is not displaying?

Make sure the Branch setting is ‘currently available'.

In the Doctor Details:
•  Make sure the practitioner or resource is linked to the Branch.
•  If required, select Another to add the doctor to another branch.
•  Make sure the practitioner has been marked as Available

How do I change the schedule for a Doctor who is changing their working days?

  1. End the current cycle on Sunday before the week of change.
  2. Start a new cycle on Monday of the week of change.

To learn more, see the Create a Schedule guide.

How do I change the duration of consults?

  1. Edit the entire cycle or session.
  2. End the cycle and create a new one - changes are historical to the start date.

To learn more, see the Create a Schedule guide.