HL SmartForms upgrade

Upgrade Zedmed HealthLink Forms v36.1.0 or later.

Important:  If you are using Zedmed HealthLink Forms v35.10.2, you will need to perform a one-time-only manual upgrade.

Step 1 - Download Zedmed HealthLink Forms 

To download  Zedmed HealthLink Forms:

  1. Go to the Zedmed website https://www.zedmed.com.au.
  2. Log in using the Login button on the top right.
  3. Select the Client Login Area folder.
  4. Select the Software folder.
  5. Select the folder with the Current Zedmed release.
    There you will see ZedmedHealthLinkFormSetup.36.1.0.exe or a later version
  6. Select the current version of Zedmed HealthLink Forms.
    The file will download to your browser’s default location.

Step 2 - Install Zedmed HealthLink Forms 

You can now install the current version of Zedmed HealthLink Forms.

To perform the installation:

  1. Double-click the ZedmedHealthLinkFormsSetup.36.x.x.exe file.
    The Setup Wizard will open.
  2. Select Next.
    The Installation Folder screen will open.
  3. Select Everyone then select Next.
  4. Select Next on the Confirm Installation screen.

Step 3 - Restart the Zedmed HealthLink Forms service

You now need to restart the Zedmed HealthLink Forms service:

  1. Open Windows Services.
    You can do this by typing services into the Taskbar Run/Search field
  2. Select the service Zedmed HealthLink Forms.
  3. Right-click the service and select Restart.
    Once the service has restarted Zedmed HealthLink forms are ready to use.