Add family member a payer

Add another person to a patient's record as a payer. This can be a family member or a  next of kin, which is a relation of the patient who is not a registered patient (i.e. not part of a Family group).

Note: If the patient is a child, the family member added to their record must be a parent or a caregiver.

Make a family member a payer

To add the family member as the payer:

  1. Locate the patient and open their record.
    To learn more, see the find a patient's record article.
  2. Under Payers, select Add.
    The Account Payer Selector will open. 
  3. Select Family / Next of Kin.
  4. Click Select.
    The Find Account Payer Details screen will open. 
  5. Enter the family name into the field provided and select Find.
    The Next of Kin Account Payer Selector will open.
    If the family member is not shown:
    1. Select New
    2. Enter the family member's name and create a new record.
  6. If the family member is shown, select them.
  7. Select Close.
    The Family/Next of Kin Account Payer (New Link) screen will open.
  8. Fill in additional details if required.
    If they pay using private fees, select the correct fee type.
  9. Select Close to save and exit.

Add a family member

This section explains how to add a family member.

To add a family member:

  1. Go to Patient Details in the patient's record.
  2. Select Family Links from the Family section.
    The Family Details screen (shown below) will open.
  3. Select Add Member.
    The Patient Search screen will open.
  4. Find the family member and select OK.
    A dialog will ask if you want to copy the family member's address and Medicare details.
  5. Select Close to save and exit.
    The family member will now appear in the Family field.