Setting up DUO 2FA

This guide explains how to log into Zedmed Cloud and set up DUO Mobile,  a two-factor authentication App that is easy and secure to use. 


  • Before starting, ensure you have your mobile phone with you and that it is charged. 

Inactivity considerations

  • If your Zedmed session is inactive for 1 hour, you will need to authenticate with DUO 2FA to log back in.
  • If your Zedmed session is inactive for 3 hours, you will need to authenticate with DUO 2FA and your session will redeploy.

If you are a new Zedmed Cloud user, your practice manager will provide your Zedmed credentials. 

To set up your Zedmed Cloud login:

  1. Select the secure password link provided by your PM.
    A temporary ( single-use) 1Password credentials page will open.
    When you mouse over the username or password, a copy button will appear. You will use this to copy the credentials when you log into Zedmed Cloud in steps 5 and 6.
  2. On the 1Password page, select the website link for Zedmed Cloud.
    The Zedmed Cloud website will open (screenshot below).
  3. Enter your Zedmed Cloud Email Address and select Next.
    To enter your Email Address, mouse over the username in 1Password, select copy then paste it into the field.
  4. Enter your Zedmed Cloud password and select Log in.
    To enter your password, mouse over the password in 1Password, select copy then paste it into the field.
    The Welcome to DUO Security dialog will open.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Select Next to progress through several DUO information dialogs until you get to Select an option.
  7. Select Duo Mobile.
    The Enter your phone number dialog will open.
  8. Enter your phone number selecting the correct international format/prefix.
    For example, 0401 234 567 would become +61 (Country code) and 401 234 567 (does not include the first 0).
  9. Select Add phone number.
  10. Check the number, then select Yes, it's correct.
    The Download DUO Mobile dialog will open (large screenshot below).
    Install the DUO App:
    1. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
    2. Find Duo Mobile by DUO Security LLC.
    3. Install DUO Mobile.
    4. Open DUO Mobile.
  11. Once the DUO Mobile app is installed on your phone, select Next.
  12. Sync the DUO Mobile app with your Zedmed Cloud account:

    1. Open the app on your phone.
    2. Select + Add.
    3. Select Use QR code.
    4. Scan the QR code on your Zedmed Cloud login dialog.
    5. Select Save to add the Zedmed Account to the Duo App.
  13. Select Continue once the QR code displays Added DUO Mobile.
  14. Select Log in with Duo.
    A push notification will be sent to your phone.
    Duo Mobile will open a Deny or Approve screen. 
  15. Tap Approve on your phone.
  16. Select Yes, trust browser.The Zedmed Cloud landing page will open (screenshot below).
  17. Recommended - set your own password.
    The link to your Zedmed Cloud password will expire in 7 days, so it's important to remember your password.
    If you want to set your own password, select the Password Management tile and follow the change password guide.
    This completes the setup process for your Zedmed Cloud DUO.
    For new user setting up DUO, there are no more steps to perform

What's next

Once you have set up your DUO 2FA, you can log into Zedmed Cloud and see your Zedmed environment. 

If you are a new cloud user, you can log into your Zedmed environment when your practice goes live.

To log into your Zedmed environment: 

  1. Select your Zedmed Cloud server.
    For most users, there will only be one option.
  2. Save the website to your browser's favorites/bookmarks.
  3. Select the Zedmed app.
    Zedmed will start creating your session and preparing the application.
  4. When Zedmed Cloud opens in your browser, select Allow if prompted to allow clipboard functionality.
  5. When the  Zedmed application opens, log in with your Zedmed username and password.
    These are different from your Zedmed Cloud username and password.