Suppress an invoice

Create an invoice and hold it without submitting a claim or billing a payer so the invoice can be submitted at a later date. 

Creating a suppressed invoice

To defer the invoice payment:

  1. Create the invoice.
  2. Select Suppress if the invoice is complete.
    The invoice will be closed, and if it is for Medicare it will be held in the Claims screen.
  3. Select Defer if the invoice is not complete.
    The invoice will be saved but not as a completed invoice. You will be prompted to complete it the next time you try to bill the patient.

Receipting an invoice paid at a later date.

To receipt the invoice:

  1. Open the patient’s details screen.
  2. Select Acc Enquiry.
  3. Select the Payer from the drop-down.
  4. Select the relevant invoice.
  5. Select the Receipt button at the bottom.
    This will open the Receipt Payment screen.
  6. Check the correct Banklist is selected for the doctor.
  7. Select the payment method used.
  8. Select Allocate.
    This will return you to the Acc Enquiry screen.
  9. Select the invoice
  10. Select Fully Receipt.
  11. Select Close.
  12. Respond to the Print dialog to print or close.