Add a health fund

Add a health fund to a patient's record as a payer.  This is set up by making the patient the payer and having the health fund under the patient's payer details. When the invoice is created, ECLIPSE will be the billing option and submit the claim to the fund.


This guide explains how to add a Health Fund to a patient. If the fund does not exist in Zedmed, it will first need to be added. If there are specialists, the fund's ECLIPSE scheme will then need to be added to each specialist's profile.

To set up a patient with a health fund:

  1. Locate the patient and open their record.
    To learn more, see the find a patient's record article.
  2. Under Payers, select Add.
    The Account Payer Selector will open. 
  3. Select Patient.
  4. Under Fee Type, select the health fund (the health fund's fee type).
  5. Click Select.
    The patient will be added as the payer.
  6. Select the Details button under the patient.
    The Patient Account Status screen will open.
  7. Check the fund's Fee Type is selected.
  8. Under Eclipse, select the Fund/Brand and complete fill in the details including.

    1. The patient's health fund member's individual Membership number.
    2. The patient's UPI number if they have one. The UPI field (Unique Patient Identifier) is the patient's position on the membership card (like the Individual Reference Number/IRN) on a Medicare card). Most funds do not have an expiry date.
    3. The Fund alias given name and the Fund alias family name fields.
      These are the names on the fund's membership card, which may be spelled differently from the patient's Medicare card details.
  9. Select Close to save and exit.
    The fund's name will now appear below the patient.