Summary Views Medications

Use the Medications tab in Summary Views to review a patient's past and current prescriptions. 

•   Expanding a medication will show the prescriptions.
•   Selecting the Include MHR icon will show prescriptions uploaded to MHR by other providers.
•   Red prescription text means a renewal is due.

Right-clicking a medication or prescription displays additional options including:

  • Filter History View to these Encounter Segments - shows only and all instances of this medication being prescribed.
  • Re-Prescribe Drug – opens the dosage screen with the same medication already selected.
  • Prescribe New Strength – searches MIMS for the medication name in order to allow prescribing of a new strength.
  • Make Non-Current - Updates the drug's status to one that the patient is not currently taking. 
  • Edit drug details - Opens the Script Details screen. Changes to the script will be used when re-prescribing.
  • Delete this drug - Deletes the drug and all prescriptions for it. This will not delete a drug with electronic prescriptions.

See the Reprints and Cancellations guide to learn more about medication managment.