Zedmed Version 35

Zedmed v35.10.2

For the most recent release, see Zedmed's current release page.

Zedmed SmartForms support

This new integration means healthcare organisations that require the SmartForm format are supported by Zedmed. SmartForms now open from within Zedmed, prepopulated with patient and referrer information, and you can add attachments and notes that are saved in Zedmed using tick boxes.  To learn more, see our Smartforms quickstart guide and video.



Tyro EasyClaim bulk billing issue resolved
Fixed a rare issue where Tyro Bulk billing claims are completed and paid but not showing in the Claim Payments view in Zedmed. 


SmartForms can now be created in branches with clinic codes with less than 3 characters
Zedmed's HealthLink Forms integration could not create a new SmartForm for practices that had clinic codes with less than 3 digits. This has been resolved.


Resolved an error that prevented Global Options from opening for some clinics
Fixed an issue where the error “A component named cbHealthLinkEnabled already exists” was displayed when trying to open the Global Options in Clinical.

Zedmed v35.10.0 

New features 


HealthLink configuration UI
The HealthLink SmartForms integration can now be configured in Zedmed Global options under Communications > HealthLink SmartForms


Results Summaries can now be converted from HTML to PDF
Results Summaries will convert from HTML to PDF when you upload them to HealthLink SmartForms.

Update v35.10.0


Patients merged using the bulk merge are now correctly displayed in smart search results
Fixed an issue where patients merged using the Bulk Merge option were incorrectly displayed in the smart search results - when the Include Merged option was not selected.

Zedmed v35.9.0

New features


Added an Ethnicity field to Zedmed Office
Zedmed Office can now record a patient's Ethnicity in their patient record.


Added new options to Zedmed Clinical's Sexuality field.
The Sexuality options in Clincial's "Family, Social & Past History" tab have been expanded.



Inactive Resources are no longer available in an invoice's Properties.
Fixed an issue in billing where the resources you can select in an invoice's Properties would include inactive resources.


Patient appointment notes are no longer cut off when you use Print List.
Fixed an issue where only the first part of an appointment's notes are displayed when you use the Print List option in the Search for Appointment screen.


Column names have been corrected in the Patient Record postcode selector.
The patient record's postcode selector now has the State and Suburb column headers above the correct columns. The selector is an option for adding an address and is opened by pressing F3.


"This Patient is overdue for their Pneumococcal Immunisation" message now appears as intended.
Fixed an issue where the overdue Pneumococcal warning was being incorrectly displayed when the patient had a recorded vaccination in the last 4.5 years.


Fixed a file error that prevented Clinical from opening in a terminal server environment.
When running Zedmed from a terminal server, the Error message "The CRS is not fully installed" would prevent Clinical from opening as the CRS ini file location was incompatible with a terminal environment.


Access violation errors no longer appear when printing a second electronic prescription token.
Fixed an access violation error message that would display when selecting Prescribe Electronically to print more than one paper eScript token in a session.


The OLA website no longer shows an unavailable slot as the Next Available Appointment.
When a doctor's appointments were fully booked for the day,  their Next Available Appointment in the OLA website would show the unscheduled slot after the last scheduled slot (rather than the next day). 

Zedmed v35.8.7

Upgrading to this version will provide the updates available in all preceding versions.


Fast Reports - Adjusted the Melbourne Pathology form printing offset
Renamed the report so that it does not replace the old Rave report file, and resolved vertical adjustment issues that cause printer offsets.

Zedmed v35.8.6


Error printing referrals using an HP driver
Added a fix for printing fast report referrals when using the HP Universal printer driver.

Zedmed v35.8.4


A confirmation will now correctly display when updating a fee from a browsed file
When you Update Other Fees using a file you browsed to select, the upload will complete with a confirmation message that correctly includes the number of files that were updated. 


Fixed an error that could occur opening the Patient Service Report 
Selecting a referring doctor caused the error " Cannot make a visible window" in the Patient Service Report. This has been resolved.


Fixed an error caused by hiding an attendance in the Waiting Room.
When ticking Hide from the Attendance in the Waiting Room, the details screen displayed the error "WaitingList: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset. " 


Fixed an error caused by adding a new schedule with no branch selected
The error "Schedules: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset" occurred when trying to add a new schedule with no branch selected. The Branch can no longer be selected until selections have been made in the preceding fields.


Next Available Appointment search no longer shows unavailable appointments
When you search for the next available appointment, the results will no longer include appointment spots that were no longer free or from earlier in the day. This fix also applies to linked appointments.


Fixed an error that could occur when cancelling the printing of a form
The error "Printer is not currently Printing" would occur when printing certain forms (e.g PDF) and cancelling the print job while it was in progress.


Patient Details Notepad has no character limit
The Notepad tab on the Patient Details screen no longer has a character limit so you can use free text to record as much information as required. 


When billing a derived fee for a Health Fund, the calculation can be applied automatically
This feature automatically calculates derived item fees for Health Funds by applying a % adjustment to the standard fee for approved MBS Item numbers. To learn more, see our Derived item fees guide.


Added support for the new MBS item 294, which is 50% of the value of a qualifying item in an invoice
There is a new MBS item 294 ( added via the Medicare Fees File). Item 294 is added to an invoice after an approved, qualifying item, and will have a value of 50% of the qualifying item's value.  To learn more about item 294, see the MBS website.


The Statistics Report Exported now reflects the item quantity rather than the service quantity.
When the Quantity Item option is checked in the Statistics Report, and the report is exported, the quantity now correctly reflects the item quantity rather than the service quantity.


The Banklist will show the Banklist name, not just the code, in the receipt form
When you receipt a payment and go to select the Banklist, the list will show the Banklist name and code, not just the code.


A manually receipted payment in Claims will now show the receipt number under Status
When you manually receipt a payment from the Claim Status > Payments tab, the Status of the payment will now show the receipt number. This means if you need to reverse the receipt, you know what receipt number to use.


Appointment Details show when an Online appointment was created
For customers using Online Appointments, appointments created by a patient now show the time and date the appointment was created at the top of Appointment Details.


Fixed an error that could occur receipting  a 3rd Party payer
For customers with a large number of account payers, an error could occur when manually receipting a payment for a 3rd party payer. this has been resolved.


The OLA Reconciliation screen no longer shows the original duplicate records of merged patients
When duplicate records are merged, the 2 original records will no longer appear in the Online Appointments reconciliation screen. Archived patient's that are duplicates will appear. 


Fixed the DVA Claim error "Invalid DVA number. Must have no more than 9 characters and have at least 3 characters"
When transmitting a claim for a DVA patient, the error "Invalid DVA number. Must have no more than 9 characters and have at least 3 characters". This occurred due to changes in Medicare's link and has been resolved. 


Fixed an issue with FRM document renames
Resolved and issue that prevented Zedmed support from being able to rename FRM documents.


Fixed the NDE Pre-check error "DosageInstruction is null or empty"
When attempting to use NDE Precheck functionality in NSW or WA with no dosage instructions. the Error "1407 DosageInstruction is null or empty" would occur. This has now been resolved.


The patient's Referrer in Clinical does not overlap the Hosp UR No field
When you open a patient in Clinical, the referrer in the demographic section has been moved to the bottom left so it does not overlap the Hospital UR No. field.


Fixed an error that could occur when closing a patient in clinical just after opening it
The error AV crs_client.exe would occur when closing a patient in clinical before the My Health Record history data had loaded. This has been resolved.


Updated the text at the bottom of the Shared Health Summary
At the bottom of a MHR Shared Health Summary is the government attestation text for the doctor. The wording but not the meaning has been updated.


New Pathology referral form for VCS
A Victorian Cytology Service Pathology form is now available when creating Pathology Referrals. You will see a Zedmed notification that 2 updated Pathology/Radiology forms have been downloaded for this update.

Office & ClinicalZED-7707

Removed screenshots from error reporting
Screenshots are no longer included in the data sent to Zedmed as part of error reporting.

Zedmed v35.7.3

Upgrading to this version will provide the following updates.


Error Code 400 occurs when creating a QR code for the Doctor App.
In Zedmed's Security section, if you open a user's App Access tab and create a QR code to verify the installed Doctor App, an API error would occur. This has been fixed.


Warning message 'Form type is not registered in the Form OLE registry'  when opening a Letter in Office.
In Zedmed 35.7.2, if you open the Letter menu Pick List in a Patient Record, you cannot open or preview letters. This has been fixed.


View Claim button missing from Account Enquiry for an MA Online claim.
The View Claim button allows you to print or view a patient's rebate information. This button was not present in Zedmed v35.7.2 for MA Online claims. This has been fixed.

Zedmed v35.7.2

Upgrading to this version will provide the following updates.


Error "API call to transaction returned status code 400" when saving branch options with an SMS username greater than 30 characters
Fixed an issue where an SMS Username with more than 30 characters was causing an error. The maximum number of characters has been increased to 50.

Zedmed v35.7.1

Upgrading to this version will provide the following updates.



New permission (Role Function) is required to Void an invoice linked to a claim.
Voiding a service linked to a claim will now need the user to have the Administrator role or to have a role with the new "Void Claim Service" permission. By default, this is not assigned to any Role.


New messaging when Voiding invoices linked to a claim.
Users will now be warned that voiding services for an invoice that has been submitted as a claim (to Medicare/DVA/Eclipse) will cause issues with reconciling.


New improved "Reconcile Payment Errors" dialog.
Updated the message text displayed when an automatic claim reconciliation encounters a voided invoice so the proper actions are clear. It now includes the text: Invoice <xxxxx> has been voided, so payment must be manually reconciled.


New release notes format: PDF replaced with a link to an online release notes page in help.zedmed.com.au.
Selecting the Help > Current Release Notes menu item in Office or Clinical will now take the user to a web page containing the release notes for the version of the application being used.



Unable to fully receipt or adjust invoices with an old batch ID that were pending prior to Version 35.
You can now use the Adjust and Re-Invoice buttons for Medicare and DVA invoices and Tyro EasyClaim batches that were added to a batch prior to Zedmed v35.  You can also manually allocate the same invoices to a receipt.


The Appointment grid does not refresh when you switch between doctor groups.
Fixed an issue that caused changing doctor groups in the Appointment grid to not properly refresh the screen.


Incorrect warning text when increasing or decreasing a service on a paid MA Online claim.
When adjusting a service for an invoice that's been submitted to Medicare using MA Online, it now says 'Do you really want to alter this service?' instead of 'Do you really want to void this service?'


Surgical Partners integration encounters conversion errors when key invoice dates are null.
Fixed this issue so Zedmed data can now synchronise with Surgical Partners for sites with older invoices.


Error: 'Your account has been disabled because you have exceeded the maximum number of login attempts.'
The actions of adding a new user or making a user active again will now complete without showing this error.

OfficeZED-7701Error: 'API Call to invoicing ... returned status code 400.'
Fixed this issue, which would occur when trying to retrieve records in Third Party Account Enquiry.

A patient's entry in the Appointment Audit Report does not show their name.
Fixed the issue, which occurred if it was an Online Appointment and the patient was a provisional patient who had been reconciled into an existing patient.


Access error when you select 'Write letter' in Referrals with CDA/eReferral selected.
Fixed the issue. If you are not set up as a doctor in Zedmed and try to perform this function you will get a message advising 'Could not save document. Practitioner must have a health identifier.'


Access error in Referrals when distributing letters with any option other than 'Distribute Now' selected.
Fixed the issue causing the error and you can now choose any of the 4 distribution options for the letter.


Error: 'Cannot get the list of immunisations/vaccines' when opening the immunisations module in clinical. 
Fixed a Stock Management issue that prevented immunisation records from loading when a product linked to an immunisation had 'Stock ins' with the same batch number but different expiry dates. Stock Management will now not allow a 'Stock in' to be recorded for a product where the batch number already exists with a different expiry date.


Adding a Recall in the Clinical To Do list triggers an error
The Add Recall button should not be available in the doctor's to-do list. It is not functional and has been removed. It does exist in the Patient To Do list. 


My Health Record data in the patient's History View shows the dates & times in UTC. 
Fixed the timestamps for My Health Record documents displayed in the patient's history view.  They now display in the server's local time instead of UTC.


Access error when deleting a problem tab in Clinical. 
When you use the Define Problem module in clinical, editing or deleting a problem (tab) will no longer generate an access error.

Zedmed v35.4.1

Upgrading to this version will provide the following updates.


Unable to register a provider for Medicare claiming when the branch code contains a "/" .
Fixed an issue where providers were unable to be registered with Claiming because the clinic code contained a “/".


DVA Patient verification does not advise if it is a white or a gold card.
The DVA card type is now displayed when a successful Patient Verification is performed for a DVA patient.


Unable to EasyClaim through Account Enquiry as the function was disabled.
Fixed an issue where the Tyro Easyclaim button was not available when a paid invoice was selected in Account Enquiry.


MyHealth Record error, "Cannot get any data. Please ensure the Zedmed API is running.
Fixed issue where an error was displayed when My Health Record was enabled and a patient who had a duplicate record with the same IHI number recorded, was opened in Clinical Records.


Slow scroll performance issue with the Results Inbox.
This issue had been previously resolved and the fix was reapplied in this build after being absent from the previous build.

Zedmed v35.4.0

Upgrading to this version will provide the following updates.


The upgrade will remove the Medicare Adapter and display a message about the removal of Java.
The Upgrader will now remove the old Medicare Adapter (HicOnline folder from the server) and display a prompt at the end of a successful upgrade to uninstall Java 1.5.


Resolved the 'Printer is not currently printing Error' when cancelling a print.
Fixed several instances where the "Printer is not currently printing" exception may occur.


Corrected the estimated message size when setting up SMS reminder messages.
The characters remaining count was not correct. It displayed the count for the All message on other appointment-type messages.

OfficeZED-7343Updated Zedmed's branding.
Updated branding displayed in Office and Clinical to the new graphics and text.

Allow invoices with status PD to be transmitted via ECLIPSE (IMC PC).
In paid Eclipse Billing, Allow Eclipse IMC Patient Claims to be submitted even if the invoice is already paid in full.


Statistics report update: added an Item Number and Aggregate QTY
Modified the statistics report so the counts # reflect the item quantity rather than just counting how many services were billed. This will assist customers with stock reporting.  There is also a checkbox for those who want to continue using the old behaviour, if required.

Zedmed v35.3.4

Upgrading to this version will provide the following update.


Reduced the server load from Intramail's status check.
Improved the efficiency of the unread Intramail query. This will reduce the workload on the server for larger practices.

Zedmed v35.3.3

Upgrading to this version will provide the following updates.

Reporting features


Claim Status Detail report.
The Claim Status screen's Claims tab now has options to view or print a report showing the information displayed on the screen.


Claim Payment Status Detail report.
The Claim Status screen's Payments tab now has options to view or print a report showing the information displayed on the screen.

Clinical and Office updates


MA Online invoice - Unable to void an invoice after MA Same Day delete.
Fixed an issue that prevented the voiding of an invoice submitted via MA Online even after a same-day delete was successful.



QLD clinics - Unable to create a schedule due to a graphic display error.
Fixed the error "The given "30/12/1899" local time is invalid" (situated within the missing period prior to DST)  - fixed for practices in QLD when creating schedules using the graphical editor.


Schedule - Graphics Display error Request to Schedule/updateDailySchedule return status code 400.
Fixed an error that displayed when adding and deleting scheduled sessions using the graphic display.


Invoices with voided services were incorrectly displayed as outstanding when they had been fully paid.
Fixed an issue where the automatic reconciliation of claims with rejected services resulted in the invoice not being marked as paid.



To Do List - unable to open the patient's file.
Clicking the patient's name on the clinical To Do list will again open the patient.


The Billing Wizard was slow to load when a patient was not attended or admitted.
Fixed the poor performance that occurred when opening the billing wizard for patients that had not been admitted through the clinical waiting room.


Results Inbox - slow to scroll through results - Performance Issue.
Fixed the Results Inbox slow scrolling issue (and other long list views in clinical).

Zedmed v35.3.2

Upgrading to this version will provide the following update.


Transaction GST Report Summary update
Fixed an issue causing the data in the transaction report summary CSV not to match the report.

Zedmed v35.3.1

Upgrading to this version will provide the following update.


Claims download update
Fixed an isolated issue that could result in updates to Claims and Claims Payment data failing to download.

Zedmed v35.3.0

Upgrading to this version will provide the following updates.

Claims and Payments


Improved performance in the Claims and Payments screens.
Improved the load time and search speed in both the Claims and Payments screens.


PCI claims (MA Online) are now hidden from the Payments screen.
Removed the payment information for MA Online (PCI) claims from the payment view on the claims screen. 


A new Exception view has been added to make it easier to review payments.

  • The Claims and Payments screens will highlight in red, entries where the amount Paid differs from the amount Outstanding.
  • Double-clicking a payment in the Payments screen will switch to the Claims screen and show only the claims associated with that payment.
  • The claims shown will be sorted by exception, for example, underpaid, overpaid and rejected.

Some of the labels on the Claims and Payments screens have been updated for clarity
Modified some of the options and button names on the Claims and Payments screen and added additional information to provide more clarity when reconciling claim payments.


Fixed an issue that could allow a user to perform a MA Same Day Delete on a paid invoice
If the invoice is fully paid then you cannot perform a MA Same Day Delete until the allocation and payment have been reversed.

Stock Management


Confirmation is now required when linking an AIR code to both a product and sub-product 
A confirmation prompt will appear if you add a link to an AIR code that will result in both the product and sub-product being linked to the AIR code.



New Alert to notify when stock is about to go out of date.
An alert will now appear when a product is nearing it’s expiry date. The alert will only be displayed if the product has an expiry date set, has stock on hand and the current date is 7 days or less from the expiry date.



New Stock Expiry screen that shows stock near/over its use-by date.
This new page displays stock that has an expiry date recorded and has either expired or is due to expire within the number of days selected. The page can be printed as a report and includes an option to create a stock adjustment to remove the expired stock.


Allow printing of the current expiring stock view.
Added the ability to print a report of Expiring Products.


The text "Non AIR Vaccine" will now be added to items without an AIR code when linking a vaccine to a stock product.
Immunisations with no AIR code will now display the text "Non AIR vaccine" after their name when selecting an immunisation to link to a stock product.

Clinical updates


Clinical Summary View - Immunisation date shown as Encounter date and not Given Date
Backdated immunisations will no longer display the date they were recorded in the Clinical Summary View. They will again display the date the immunisation was given.


Flexi Report load error
Fixed an error that prevented the running of Flexi Reports in Clinical.

Zedmed v35.2.2

Upgrading to this version will provide the following updates.


Slowness in Zedmed office if claiming.com.au or Medicare become unresponsive.
Fixed an issue where opening Patient Details, Account Enquiry or Invoice Details would cause Office to be unresponsive when Claiming.com.au or Medicare had an outage. Please note that patient verification, submitting a claim or transmitting immunisation data via AIR will continue to cause slowness in office if there is an outage.



Provider status check and update is being sent using the wrong clinic code.
Fixed an issue where doctors were incorrectly displaying as "not registered" for Medicare claiming when a practice has multiple minor IDs on the same database and the user is logged in as a branch different to the one the doctor is registered under.



HI Service Search (IHI) - Last Updated date is not updating.
Added a Last Searched field to the EHealth tab of the Patient Details form to track when a Search was performed even if the IHI details remain unchanged. The Last Updated field is now only updated if the search returns differing IHI values for the IHI Number, Number Status or Record Status.



Show Code on Appt Screen option has disappeared from the Doctor Details window.
Reinstated the Show Code on Appt. screen option on the Doctor Details window. When this option is ticked the doctor code is displayed on the appointment grid instead of the doctor's name.


Eclipse Billing message incorrectly displayed when the patient is under 12 years of age stopping the submission of the claim.
Fixed issue preventing the submission of ECLIPSE claims for patients under 12.


INR- Observations and measurements clinical - all showing 0.
Fixed issue where information was not displayed correctly in INR tab of the Observations screen.



Clinical Billing Wizard - Delete not working for Selected Instructions.
Fixed the delete context menu item for the Clinical Billing Wizard's selected instructions display.

Zedmed v35.2.1

Upgrading to this version will provide the following updates.



Bulk payment allocation/receipting in Payments.

Invoice Batching and allocation for 3rd party payers have been re-instated in Office.


Clinical Summary view – Result navigation is skipping results when actioning.

Corrected the sort order of results when being displayed and viewed so that opening the first result on the list and clicking next to go through each result actually reaches each result on the list.



Inactive Doctors incorrectly displayed in the Doctor drop-down on the Claims tab.

Removed inactive doctors from the drop-down menus on the claim and payment status views.


Old Transmitted Immunisations appearing in AIR as an Error after Upgrading to v35.1.

Fixed issue where AIR claims from before the Medicare Web Services update show as failed to transmit, regardless of if they actually failed.


AIR error "Service did not return any content" where reporter is a Nurse who has a doctor code but no provider number.

Fixed an issue submitting claims to AIR when they were recorded by a Zedmed user who is setup as a doctor but does not have a provider number.



Having an é in doctor name prevents the use of Claim status form - Malformed String firebird error.

Fixed error that is displayed opening the Claim Status screen when there is a doctor that has a accented character in their name or doctor code.

Zedmed v35.2.0 

Upgrading to this version will provide the following updates.



Medicare statement of benefit no longer available

Added ability to view and print all claim forms, when initially submitting a claim and from the Account Enquiry screen.



Allow claiming registration for 7 digit provider numbers

Fixed inability to transmit to AIR for providers with a 7 character provider number.



Add History on script details

Fixed error message that occurs when attempting to add a medication to a patient's history instead of prescribing it.



Add further notes to an encounter

Fixed error message when attempting to add additional notes to an encounter.

Zedmed v35.1.0 

Upgrading to this version will provide the following updates.



TLS 1.2 Support Check before Upgrade Proceeds

TLS 1.2 support is now required to be installed and enabled on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 as part of Zedmed's support for Medicare Web Services. If TLS 1.2 support is not installed or could not be enabled, the Upgrader will not proceed.



Automatically reconcile payments

Added function to automatically reconcile selected claim payments.



Voiding of invoice on rejected claims

Allow the voiding of the invoice associated with a rejected claim.



Associate manual receipts to Claim Payments

Added function to manually associate a set of Receipt Numbers with a Claim Payment, in case a receipt was done manually prior to a payment being received.



Treating Doctor registration

Add ability to control doctor registration with Medicare Web Services from the Treating Doctor form.



New practice claiming credentials at Branch level

Add function to Practice settings to enable users to set claiming credentials for all branches, and for any specific branch if they differ.



New Claim Status > Payments screen added

Add a new view of all Claim Payments received via Medicare Web Services.



Allow same day delete of claims

Allow for same day delete of interactive claims submitted via Medicare Web Services.

Note: Same day delete for Tyro claims is currently not supported



Bulk bill and DVA claims processed via Medicare Web Services

Bulk Bill and DVA claims now processed via Medicare Web Services and no longer sent as a batch.



ECLIPSE support via Medicare Web Services

Added support for making ECLIPSE claims using Medicare Web Services.



New Claim Status > Claims view added

Add a new view of all claims (invoices) submitted to Medicare Web Services.



Changed Specimen Collection Point to five characters

Increased the Specimen Collection Point field length to five characters



New permission added for viewing claim status/claim payment 

Added permission “Claiming” to control access to the claim status view and claim payment view. 

Note: This function has only been added to the administrator role by default. It will need to be manually added to any other role that needs access to this view (e.g. Receptionist or Practice Manager).



New patient verification

The Patient Verification button on the Patient Record checks for Medicare, Healthcare card, DVA and Health fund eligibility. 



Include Provisional Patients in search results for Online Appointments

Include provisional patients in search results when searching for appointments. Note: Provisional patients are only created when using the Zedmed Online Appointment system.



Fixed bug with ECLIPSE date error messages

The date entry controls on the ECLIPSE invoice submission UI have updated and will no longer display erroneous validation messages before a date has been filled in.



Stock movement summary details

Movement page added which displays Stock on hand at the beginning of the period, stock in, stock out and Stock on hand at the end of the period. Data displayed can be filtered according to Date, Category and Movement Reason.



ECLIPSE claims via Medicare Web Services
 Added support for making ECLIPSE claims using Medicare Web Services.



New claims status screen

Add a new view of all claims submitted to Medicare Web Services.



Available Doctors status for online appointments

Appointment type setup for online appointments will consider doctors to be unavailable for an appointment type unless specifically selected to be so. 



Same day delete of interactive claims

Allow for same day delete of interactive claims submitted Medicare Web Services.

Note: Same day delete of Tyro claims is currently not supported.



New Claim Payment details screen

Added new view of all Claim Payments.



Management of Claiming credentials at branch level

Add function to Practice settings to allow claiming credentials to be set for all branches and for any specific branch if the credentials differ.



Manage doctor claim registration in Treating Doctors form

Added ability to control doctor registration with Medicare Web Services from the Treating Doctor form



Manually associate receipt with claiming payment

Added functionality to manually associate a set of Receipt Numbers with a Claim Payment, in case a receipt was done manually prior to a payment being received.



Automatic reconciliation process for selected claim payments

Added functionality to automatically reconcile selected claim payments.



Void a rejected claim/invoice

Allow voiding of the invoice associated with a rejected claim.



SMS username field length increase

SMS username field has been increased to 50 characters.



Item number end dated with today's date not appearing on Billing Wizard

Fixed a rare issue where an item number will be missing from the billing wizard a day earlier than it's specified end date.



Changes to support Incentive Items updates to the MBS for 1 January 2022

Added the additional 4 sets of Medicare Plus Bulk Billing incentive items to the ones automatically added when creating an invoice.



Allow all doctors within a practice to view and edit a Return to Work SA eWCC

Update to allow doctors to view and edit a Return to Work SA eWCC that was created by other doctors within the same practice.



Hide the RTWSA button when function not setup for practice

Zedmed Clinical will not display the ReturnToWorkSA button on Patient History user interface, if the functionality has not been enabled.



Rename RTW SA to ReturnToWorkSA

In Zedmed Clinical, the button caption to request an electronic work cover certificate for Return to Work SA has been renamed from “RTW SA” to “ReturnToWorkSA" for clarity.



Don’t display "Downloaded from My Health Record" entry when empty

Zedmed Clinical will not display the “Downloaded from My Health Record” heading text by itself in the Summary Views, Incoming Documents tab where no MHR documents are available for the patient.



Add Enable/Disable option for RTWSA to Global Options

Users will now be able to switch on/off Return to Work SA functionality from Zedmed Clinical > Tools > Global Options user interface



Support for RTWSA in Terminal Services and Citrix environments 

Fixed issue where ReturnToWorkSA button would not activate in a Citrix or Terminal Services environment when set up for user specific settings files.



Fixed issue causing “30/12/1899 local time is invalid” error

Fixed issue for some customers in Western Australia & Queensland who were seeing an error when transmitting an electronic prescription or when a prescription is checked against the real-time prescription monitoring system, due to the PC being in a time zone that has never had daylight savings.



Do not show Billing Wizard if encounter not saved

When an empty encounter is stopped and the user chooses to not save it by clicking No to the prompt, the Billing Wizard is now no longer displayed.

NEW features in Zedmed v35

Zedmed v35 introduces the following features.

Medicare Web Services billing:

  • The main change for Medicare’s new claim submission system (Medicare Web Services) is in how claims are submitted and how payments are reconciled. You no longer batch invoices, they are automatically sent once the invoice has been created, and when payments are received, they can all be receipted together with a click. 
  • Instead of the previous set of 7 Batching menu options, this workflow is managed in the new Claims Status screen, which shows sent invoices on one tab and payments received on another. 
  • Online PV and DVA PV buttons have been replaced with a single Patient Verification button which checks for Medicare, Healthcare card, DVA and Health fund eligibility. 
  • Payments can be automatically reconciled with a receipt created for the amount that was paid, and that receipt will be allocated against the invoice. Adjustments can also be created manually if required.

Stock Management:

  • Manage your stock of vaccines and consumables using Zedmed Stock Management. This feature supports sub-products for vaccine vials and doses and includes in-depth stock reporting. 
  • Record the use of stock when invoicing an item that is linked to a stock product. 
  • Record the use of stock in a clinical encounter. This process records the vaccines and consumables used, optionally adds an item to the invoice and reduces the stock level in Stock Management. 
  • Perform a stocktake using Zedmed Stock Management and use a dedicated stocktake screen to enter your stock counts by batch number. 

Online Appointments:

  • White labelled product
  • Web and mobile application 
  • Reconciliation of new and existing patients inside Zedmed Office 
  • Real-time integration with Zedmed 
  • Location search for practice 
  • Doctor selection, including specialties, photo and bio 
  • Email and SMS confirmation reminders 
  • Update personal calendar with appointment 
  • Easy online change/cancellation 
  • Medical questionnaire capability 
  • Scan driver’s license and Medicare card 
  • Quick booking function for returning patients 
  • Multiple appointment type options 
  • Next available appointment for selected doctor 
  • Account and password management 
  • Email gateway