Bulk Bill & DVA invoicing

Create an invoice for a patient covered by Medicare (bulk bill) or DVA. 


For this workflow, either the DVA or Medicare must be set as the patient's payer.

For Medicare claiming, if a patient is 14 or under, the parent needs to be added as an account payer. For patients 15 and above, if the patient is linked to the parent’s Medicare card the parent will get the rebate.

For a Medicare claim to be approved, a patient's details must match their Medicare card, specifically:

  • The surname must be an exact match to the family name on the Medicare card.
  • The first name must be an exact match to the Medicare card.
  • The initial is optional but, if it's entered in the Initial field in Patient Details, it must be the same as the Medicare card.
  • The Medicare number must include the Individual Reference Number (IRN).

Create an invoice

To create and send a DVA or bulk bill (Medicare) invoice:

  1. Go to Zedmed's Reception tab.
  2. Select Patients or Waiting Room then locate the patient and open their record.
    Billing is usually initiated from the Waiting Room (after the consultation) by right-clicking the patient and selecting Bill.
    If you are billing from the Patient Record, Open the Patient Record and select Bill from the top menu
  3. Check that the Payers field shows Medicare or DVA.
  4. Select Patient Verification. 
    The Patient Verification dialog will open.  
  5. Select OK and a check will run and advise if the patient is eligible for Medicare or DVA claims.
    To learn more, see our Easyclaim eligibility article.
  6. Add the service items to the invoice.
    To add items for invoices raised from the Waiting Room, select Add All to add the code/s in the Doctor Assigned Billing Codes box.  
    To add items manually, enter the service's item code into the  Item# field, then press Tab to populate the other fields.
    There is no estimated refund or gap as no payment is being taken.
  7. Select Add to move each item to the display area.
    • To modify a service, select it and select Change. This will place the service into the editable fields.
    • To delete a service, select it and select Change, then select Delete.
    • To print the invoice, select Print.
  8. Select the Bulk Bill or DVA button at the bottom of the screen to submit the claim.
  9. Select Ok on the assessment dialog.
    The print dialog will open.
  10. Select Print or Continue.
      Print will print out the claim details, including any remittance advice for the patient.
      Continue will close the prompt.


  • Each claim is sent individually. There is no batching required, but the invoices are still paid in a bulk. 
  • If there is an error, use Acc Enquiry in the Patient Record to make any changes to the invoice and completed the workflow. 
  • To learn more see the Process Claims and Process Payments articles.