Add a non-Medicare item

Add an item number for a service that's not included in the list of items provided by Medicare.  This would include items for non-clinical costs that need to be charged to a patient. For example, you may need to invoice for the costs of onboarding a patient whose clinical records are with another practice. 

To add a private item:

  1. Go to Zedmed's Management tab.
  2. Select Practice Setup then Items > Item Details.
    The Find Item screen will open.
  3. In the Item Number field, enter the item.
    You can use a number or word and there is a limit of 8 characters. 
  4. Select Find.
    A dialog will open to advise no item was found and ask if you want to add a new one.
  5. Select Yes to the dialog.
    This will open the New Item Details screen.
    You will now use the Private/3rd Party Fees section of the Standard tab. 
  6. In the P1 field, enter the cost and press Tab.
    You can change the Value of the item when creating an invoice.
  7. Select Close to save and exit.

Fees Lunch & Learn video

The documentation referred to in this video is now located in the Zedmed Knowledge Base under Payer Fees.