Logging in using AppStream

This guide is for Zedmed customers who use the local Amazon Appstream client to log into Zedmed Cloud. 

If you use a web browser to access Zedmed, refer to the Zedmed Cloud guide login guide. 

New Zedmed Cloud users will need:

  • Their Zedmed Cloud username and password.
  • DUO 2FA setup on their phone.

To log in using AppStream:

  1. Open the AppSteam Client.
    The Amazon AppStream 2.0 login will open.
    The client will be preconfigured with your Zedmed Cloud environment.
  2. Select Connect.
  3. Enter your Zedmed Cloud username.
  4. Enter you Zedmed Cloud password.
  5. Respond Yes to the DUO 2FA push notification on your phone.
    The Zedmed Cloud Application Launcher will open.
  6. Select your Zedmed Cloud environment.
    Your Zedmed Session will now initalise and open in the AppStream Client.
    This client uses the Classic Cloud Portal menu.
  7. Log into Zedmed.