Recalls Report

The Recalls Report is used to print the First Recall letter or the Reminder Letter, and to print a report for doctors to review prior to their letters going out. 

The report is a mail merge program that's used to print reports of patients who have recalls maturing within a selected date range, and in order to print the Recall Letters, the workstation used must have Microsoft Word installed on it. 

A standard Recall letter can be setup through Microsoft Word with your letterhead using the WP Setup/FRM Documents/Mail Merge function. The same letter is used for the First and Reminder letters, the only difference being the body of the letter (the Recall Content) which is inserted from the Recall Type forms (of Practice Setup/Recall Types).

To learn more, see the Recall management guide.

To open the Recalls Report:

  1. Go to Zedmed's Management tab.
  2. Select Reports > Recalls.
    The  Recall Report screen will open.
  3. Select or update the required Style, Data, Criteria and Recall Type fields.

    • It is important to select the Maturity Date range with due care. You can always print a list of those recalls still active (Unattended) for the previous month, or the month before that, just by varying the dates back one or two months.
    • If you leave the Treating Doctor as All, just one report will print out but it will be grouped by individual doctor. You can print individual pages for each doctor by running the report multiple times, once for each doctor, and select Group By Recall Type instead.
  4. Select the output option:

    • Print to print out the report.
    • Screen will open the report with print and save menu options.
    • Send SMS to send SMS messages to patients who are set up for SMS.
      When the letters have been sent to the printer, you will be asked if you wish to update the Further Details section of Patient Details with the letter number and the date of sending – you would normally answer Yes.
  5. Select Close when you have finished.
    When letters have been printed, you will have the opportunity to record the fact and the date of the letter in the original recall entry in Patient details, so you can prove that a letter was sent on a particular date.