Clinical reports menu

Generate, view and save reports for Zedmed's clinical modules including the Problems, Immunisations, Drugs, Scripts, Referrals, Allergies and Pregnancy modules.

To run a clinical report:

  1. Go to Zedmed's Reception tab.
  2. Select Clinical Records.
    The Clinical Records screen will open.
    You do not need to open a patient or start an encounter to run a clinical report.
  3. Select Reports from the menu.
  4. Select the report you want to run.
    A configuration screen will open for the selected report.
    The options will vary for each clinical module. The example below shows the Patients Immunisation Report screen.
  5. Select the settings to create the required report.
  6. Select Screen to generate and open the report.
    The report will open in a viewer. The example below shows the Script Report.
    Selecting Print will print out the report without opening it first.
    To save the report, select File > Save As and save the report to your chosen location.
  7. Select Exit to close the report.