Invoice options


Cancel an invoice (void)
Cancel (void) an invoice that has been paid or an invoice that has not been paid. If the invoice has a claim submitted, Medicare will need to be informed so they can cancel that claim.
Suppress an invoice
Create invoices that are to be paid at a later date and receipt them when the payment is made.
Create a quote
Create a quote for a patient's services that can be saved, updated and used to create an invoice for the payer.
Take a deposit (allocate later)
Record a payment by a patient without creating an invoice. This can be done before a consultation or procedure and the payment can be allocated to a future invoice.
Charge a non-attendance fee
If you take pre-payment (deposit) for an appointment, a non-attendance charge can be taken from the deposit and the remaining credit refunded.
Assisted billing
Bill for a doctor that assisted another doctor in a procedure. The assisting doctor can create their own invoice or be included on the main doctors/surgeon's invoice and get reimbursed at a later date.
Deferred billing
Create deferred invoices for patients and third parties and bill them at the end of each month. The invoices will not be treated as outstanding amounts until they are processed using the Print Deferred Bills feature.
Bulk Billing consent
Patients can consent to be bulk billed for Medicare and DVA by approving a consent form sent via SMS. This can be implemented as part of your billing workflow in  3 easy steps. The features shown in each step can be used to create an alternative w...