Zedmed Cloud Smartforms

Zedmed Cloud does not support Zedmed's HealthLink SmartForms integration, which populates the SmartForms with patient information and files. This limitation is because Zedmed Cloud runs in a secure environment that does not allow the type of connection required to support this Zedmed integration.

Zedmed Cloud users need to use the HealthLink portal

Healthlink SmartForms portal

Healthlink has a SmartForms portal for its customers to submit patient assessments including eReferrals, Return to Work Certificates and Fitness to Drive Assessments.

If you want to use SmartForms now, you can access them using the My HealthLink Portal. 

To learn more about SmartForms and the My HealthLink Portal, see HealthLink's introduction video.

To register for the HealthLink client or a portal account, go to https://au.healthlink.net/au_registration/ and complete the Service Application form. It's important to review the options and tick boxes are they will determine who you can send your referrals to.

Creating PDFs for SmartForms

When using the HealthLink SmartForms portal, you may need to attach a PDF with a patient's results. The section below explains how to create that PDF in Zedmed.

Summary of the process:

  1. Create a referral template that automatically adds the patient’s results (you only do this once).
  2. Use the template to create the referral (required by the SmartForm).
  3. Export the referral to a PDF.
  4. Upload the PDF into the HealthLink SmartForm.

Step 1 - Create a new template

  1. From Clinical, select Tools > Clinical WP setup> WP Templates.
  2. Open your standard referral letter.
    The referral letter will open as shown in the screenshot below.
  3. Add a new section to the letter for results ‘Patient Results’.
  4. Add spaces below and click in that space. The results will go here.
  5. From the right Data Toolbar, double-click Results List (Selected).
    This will enter the merge code for results into the template.
  6. Select Save and give the give the template a name like, ‘Referral with Results’.

Step 2 - Create a referral using the new template, and save it as a PDF

  1. Use the referrals module to create a referral letter.
  2. Select the Addressee.
  3. Select the Document field and select the new template ‘Referral with results.’
  4. Select Write letter and proceed as normal.
  5. When the referral is complete, select the PDF icon to save the referral as a PDF.