SmartForms troubleshooting

This guide is for technical users who are setting up and supporting the Zedmed HealthLink SmartForms integration.

Error 'Cannot open HealthLink form. Treating doctors cannot be found' when opening HealthLink.

This error occurs when the user does not have access to SmartForms, for example, if the user is not logged in as a doctor.

If the user is not a doctor, the will not be able to access HealthLink SmartForms. If they are a doctor, check that they have the correct security roles.

SmartForms will not open and page displays 'Failed to authenticate the request with sessionKey.'

This occurs when the Zedmed HealthLink Forms service is unable to communicate with the HealthLink Client service.


  • Check that the Service Host Port entered in the SmartForms setup is open on your firewall for incoming traffic.
  • Check that the callback URL formed by the Service Host IP/Name entered in the SmartForms setup is correct (Machine name /IP). Any configurations in Zedmed changes will require a restart of the Zedmed service.
  • Check the Zedmed HealthLink Forms service and the HealthLink Client service can communicate if they are on different servers.
  • Check with HealthLink that you used the correct password when you opened the hms-config.xml file, in step 5d of the setup guides Configure Zedmed for SmartForms section. The EDI Account ID for SmartForms is not always the same as the practice EDI Account ID.

All users are being asked to log into HealthLink SmartForms.

This occurs when an incorrect or invalid HealthLink password has been entered into Zedmed's HealthLink Forms configuration. Zedmed's integration manages authentication at the branch level and this error will occur if a HealthLink Portal or account password is used.

When you import the hms_config.xml file into Zedmed and get a password prompt, HealthLink's helpdesk must be called at 1800 125 036 option 4, and one of the Helpdesk representatives will provide the password. This is step 5 in the configuration section of the setup guide. If this was not done, reimport the file and call HealthLink's helpdesk to get the correct password.

Error "Failed to pre-populate the form' when launching SmartForm after connecting to Smartform portal. 


Under investigationSolution

Restart the Zedmed API service and try again