TeamViewer QuickSupport

Zedmed uses TeamViewer's QuickSupport version to remotely connect to client computers when troubleshooting problems.  


  • TeamViewer QuickSupport is an application that runs only when needed and it's not installed on your computer.
  • Zedmed support will request the user for remote access. When the user allows remote access, the remote session will begin.
  • Users cannot connect to any outside/remote computer using Team Viewer QuickSupport.

There are 3 ways of accessing TeamViewer QuickSupport. 

Option 1: Running the executable, which can be found in the Zedmed Folder where it is installed.

Option 2: From Zedmed's Utilitie's tab by selecting Online Remote Support > Zedmed Quick Support.

Option 3 : By downloading the executable file from Zedmed's website using the link below. > Downloads (from the left menu) > Download Team Viewer.