March 1st AIR requirements

On 1 March, AIR Transmissions will need to include Vaccine Type to be accepted by the Australia Immunisation Register. Zedmed v36.5 and later supported this requirement.

What do I need to do?

Upgrade to Zedmed v36.5 or later, which will include a mandatory Vaccine Type field in the Immunisation module. There is no change to the transmit to AIR process.

What if I have not upgraded?

If you are not using Zedmed v36.5 or later by 1 March, there are 2 options available in HPOS.

Option 1- Submit using a form upload

Submit an immunisation encounter using the form upload function in HPOS Messages. The form must be lodged using the HPOS account of the health professional completing the form, or their nominated HPOS delegate, and it can take up to 14 days to update an individual’s AIR record.

Download and complete the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) - immunisation encounter form

Return the completed form online using your PRODA account and the Form upload function in Health Professional Online Services (HPO). This form has been updated with the new Vaccine Type requirement. If you require help with the form, please contact Servies Australia.

Option 2 - Submit using PRODA

Submit an immunisation encounter using HPOS (you’ll need an individual PRODA account). If you need help linking your HPOS account to the AIR, call the AIR Internet helpdesk. For help with PRODA, call the PRODA helpdesk.

The New Encounter section includes the new Vaccine Type requirement.