Managing payers


Create a new payer
Add a new payer to Zedmed. That payer will be a selectable option when you add different payers to patients. For example, WorkCover or TAC.
Add Medicare or DVA
Set up a patient's record for Medicare bulk billing or the DVA so their invoice claims can be automatically sent for payment.
Add a health fund
Add a health fund to a patient's record as a payer. This is set up by making the patient the payer and having the health fund under the patient's payer details.
Add a third-party (e.g TAC)
Add a third-party payer to a patient's record. The invoice will be created in Zedmed then printed out and sent to the payer. Examples include WorkCover, WorkSafe, TAC (Transport Accident Commission).
Add family member a payer
Add another person to a patient's record as a payer. This can be a family member or a next of kin, which is a relation of the patient who is not a registered patient (i.e. not part of a Family group).
Make the patient the payer
Set up a patient's record for billing as a private patient. You can also have a family member be the payer or a third party like the TAC and WorkCover.
Deactivate/activate a payer
When you add a 3rd party payer to a patient, it will have Active ticked. By unticking Active, the payer will still be in the patient record but it will not appear as a selectable option.