Health fund brand IDs

When you set up a debtor or account payer, you will need to provide the Brand ID. This page provides a list of funds\payers and their brand IDs. The ECLIPSE fund scheme Claim type can be added to each doctor in the treating doctor details. 

NameDefault Fee TypeBRAND IDEclipse Fund Schemes 'Claim Type'
ACA Health Benefits FundAHSAACAIMC Schemes
AIA Health InsuranceAHSAMYOIMC Schemes
Allianz Global AssistanceAHSAAGAIMC Schemes
Australian Health ManagementMedibank PrivateAHMIMC Schemes
Australian Unity Health LimitedAHSAAUHIMC Schemes
BUPA AustraliaBUPABUPIMC Agreements
BUPA Australia Defense ForceBUPAADFIMC Agreements
Budget Direct Health InsuranceAHSABUDIMC Schemes
CBH Health Fund LtdAHSACBHIMC Schemes
CBHS Corporate Health Pty LtdAHSACBCIMC Schemes
CDH Benefits Fund LimitedAHSACDHIMC Schemes
Credicare Health Fund LimitedAHSACHFIMC Schemes
Defence HealthAHSADHFIMC Schemes
Emergency Services HealthAHSAESHIMC Schemes
Fit Health InsuranceAHSAFITIMC Schemes
Frank Health InsuranceAHSAFHIIMC Schemes
Grand United Corporate HealthAHSAFAIIMC Schemes
HCF Of Australia LimitedHCFHCFIMC Schemes
Health Care Insurance LimitedAHSAHCIIMC Schemes
Health Cover DirectAHSAHCDIMC Schemes
Health Insurance Fund Of WAAHSAHIFIMC Schemes
Health PartnersAHSASPSIMC Schemes
Health.Com.AuAHSAHEAIMC Schemes
Hospital Benefits Fund Of WA (HBF)AHSAHBFIMC Agreements
Latrobe Health ServicesMedicare ScheduleLHSIMC Schemes
Lysaght PeoplecareAHSALHMIMC Schemes
MBF AlliancesBUPASGIIMC Schemes
Medibank Private Medibank PrivateMPLIMC Schemes
Medibank Private (Overseas Visitors)Medibank PrivateMOSIMC Schemes
Mildura District Hospital FundMildura District Hospital FundMDHIMC Schemes
Mutual CommunityAHSAMCLIMC Schemes
NIB Health Funds LimitedNIBNIBIMC Schemes
Navy Health LimitedAHSANHBIMC Schemes
Nurses & Midwives Health FundAHSATFHIMC Schemes
OnemedifundAHSAOMFIMC Schemes
Phoenix Health Fund LtdAHSAPHFIMC Schemes
Queensland Country HealthAHSAQCHIMC Schemes
Queensland Teacher's UnionAHSAQTUIMC Schemes
RACT Health InsuranceAHSARACIMC Schemes
Railway and Transport HealthAHSARTHIMC Schemes
Reserve Bank Health Society LtdAHSARBHIMC Schemes
SA Police Employees HealthAHSAPOLIMC Schemes
St. Luke's HealthSt Luke's HealthSLMIMC Schemes
Teachers Federation HealthAHSATFHIMC Schemes
Territory Health FundAHSANTHIMC Schemes
The Doctors' Health Fund LimitedAHSAAMAIMC Schemes
Transport HealthAHSATFSIMC Schemes
Westfund LtdAHSAWFDIMC Schemes