3rd party billing


3rd party receipting
Process a payment made by a 3rd party for a patient. The 3rd party is often an employer or the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and, when the invoice is paid, it needs to be receipted to the original invoice.
3rd party adjustments
Adjust a patient's invoice to discount, increase or void the prices of items or even a full invoice. The invoice was paid by a 3rd party, like an employer, and the tasks undertaken are part of billing and bookkeeping.
Refund a 3rd party
Refund a 3rd party organisation or employer that paid a patient's bill. You may need to do this if the invoice was incorrect or billed incorrectly and you want to refund the payment.
3rd party unallocated credits
Unallocated credits can occur when an invoice with a third-party payer like Medicare or the DVA is voided but payment is still received.
Batching invoices and receipts
The batch feature allows suppressed invoices to be batched together for 3rd party payers like the TAC and is commonly used in hospitals.  The feature can create a batch statement and receipt a batch of invoices when payment from a 3rd party i...