Find an appointment
Search the Appointment Book for all bookings that have been made for a patient, then open or delete any of the appointments found.
Book an appointment
Make an appointment for a patient in the Zedmed appointment book, and manage linked bookings the patient waitlist and cancellation list
Book a surgical procedure
Book an appointment for a surgical procedure. This includes setting up the Operations List - a report that provides information about the operation for the hospital and surgeon.
Cancel an appointment
Cancel a patient's appointment and review the cancellation options. Cancelling an appointment is preferred to deleting an appointment because cancellations are captured in Zedmed's reports.
Manage the Waiting Room
Use the Waiting Room to manage patients as they attend the practice and ensure they are billed correctly. You can also quick attend walk-ins and doctors can hide patients they have seen.
Recall management
Create, record and schedule recalls for patients, and produce recall reports. Recalls start as Active and are set to Inactive when the patient attends, or if they do not respond to your recall requests. Recalls do not disappear, they remain as perma...
Reminders & notifications
Send patients SMS confirmations and reminders for their appointments. The reminders can be sent manually or scheduled to go out automatically.