Clinical features


The Doctors App
Install the Doctor's App so you can action results and manage patients, wherever they are. It can be downloaded from the IOS app store or Google Play.
Managing Clinical Templates
Zedmed comes with an extensive set of clinical templates that can be made available in Quick Documents for consultations.
Clinical Letter Writer
Write a letter that can be printed out or sent electronically to recipients that use secure messaging services.
Batch Letter Writer
Zedmed's Batch Letter Writer is Zedmed's recommended letter writer for Clinical and Office staff. It can be used to write individual letters and letters in batches using standard and custom templates.
Secure Send
Use email and SMS to securely send invoices, referrals and other documents to patients with Electronic Document Transfer (EDT). Documents are securely accessed by the payer using a link to a branded verification page.
Patient FAQ for Secure Send
This FAQ answers common questions for patients who are sent documents using Secure Send. These documents are downloaded from a secure online page containing your invoices, referrals and letters.
Quick Documents
Quick Documents is a menu in Clinical that provides easy access to popular documents and templates. It opens from a patient's record so you can access patient-specific documents.
To do lists
Use patients and your own To Do List to manage and remember tasks. Tasks can be given due dates and patient's tasks will have pop-ups when you open a patient's record.
Use Zedmed's spell checker to review and check your notes from the Tools menu, the current Encounter menu or by pressing F7.