Cloud login


Logging into Zedmed Cloud
This guide explains how to log into Zedmed Cloud using the DUO 2FA phone App , start your session and log into Zedmed.  Zedmed Cloud and your Zedmed environment have different credentials. To log into Zedmed Cloud: Select the Zedmed Clou...
Logging in using AppStream
This guide is for Zedmed customers who use the local Amazon Appstream client to log into Zedmed Cloud.  If you use a web browser to access Zedmed, refer to the Zedmed Cloud guide login guide.  New Zedmed Cloud users will need: Their ...
Using 2FA with no internet
If you do not have a signal on your mobile phone, DUO will not be able to send you an Approval  request. If this happens, you can use a DUO passcode to log in. Note : If you have no internet due to your phone service, you can enable wireless...
Changing your cloud password
Change your Zedmed Cloud password to a password of your choice using the Zedmed Cloud Password Manager. If you have forgotten your password, please contact Zedmed Support.