Cloud login


Logging into Zedmed Cloud
This guide explains how to log into Zedmed Cloud using the DUO 2FA phone App , start your session and log into Zedmed.  Zedmed Cloud and your Zedmed environment have different credentials. Inactivity considerations If your Z...
Logging in using AppStream
This guide is for Zedmed customers who use the local Amazon Appstream client to log into Zedmed Cloud. If you use a web browser to access Zedmed, refer to the Zedmed Cloud guide login guide.
Using 2FA with no internet
If you do not have a signal on your mobile phone, DUO will not be able to send you an Approval request. If this happens, you can use a DUO passcode to log in.
Changing your cloud password
Change your Zedmed Cloud password to a password of your choice using the Zedmed Cloud Password Manager. If you have forgotten your password, please contact Zedmed Support.