HL SmartForms install
Zedmed v35.10.0 and later can be integrated with HealthLink SmartForms by installing Zedmed's HealthLink Forms application. This allows Zedmed to send referrals and documents using SmartForms, and prepopulate those forms with patient and referrer information.
HL SmartForms upgrade
If you are using Zedmed HealthLink Forms v35.10.2, you will need to perform a one-time-only manual upgrade.
HL SmartForms v35 to v36
For clients upgrading from ZedmedHealthLinkFormsSetup.35.10.2.msi to ZedmedHealthLinkFormsSetup.36.1.0.exe or later.
SmartForms troubleshooting
This guide is for technical users who are setting up and supporting the Zedmed HealthLink SmartForms integration.