Staff setup


Add/Remove staff
Create an account for staff to log into Zedmed with. Each account will have access to different parts of Zedmed, as defined by their role and the access they need.
Add a new doctor
Set up a new doctor or locum in Zedmed. This includes a Zedmed login and an account where the doctor's billing and reporting information is entered.
Disable a doctor
To disable a doctor in Zedmed, you must make their profile unavailable so they are no longer visible and make their Zedmed login inactive.
Add a new resource
Add a resource so that patients can book appointments with healthcare professionals that do not have provider numbers, like nurses and technicians
Accounts & security
Manage access to Zedmed for staff and doctors. This is done by assigning specific roles to users, which gives them access to the parts of Zedmed required to perform their work.
Void Claim services role
In Zedmed v35.7.0, the ability to void an invoice with an outstanding claim was restricted to roles with the new Void Claim Services function.
Claims & Payments access
Give selected staff access to the Claims Status screen so they can manage claims and payments. This screen is accessed via the Claims button on the Management tab, and the access is granted by adding the Claim function to the required role.