Cloud resources


Cloud TeamViewer
TeamViewer is used by Zedmed Cloud to provide remote support and see what is on your screen. To open TeamViewer: Select this link
Manage Office RTF templates
Zedmed Office uses templates for letters, labels and reports. A standard set of templates is included with Zedmed and you can also create your own using Microsoft Word or Zedmed's Internal RTF editor. The RTF editor is for Zedmed Cloud customers...
Using HealthLink SmartForms
This resource explains how Zedmed Cloud users access Healthlink SmartForms - a service that is used to securely request and send patent assessments online using a standard set of forms.  Accessing HealthLink SmartForms HealthLink customers ca...
Secure messaging clients
Zedmed Cloud uses middleware to move results and acknowledgments between your securing messaging client and Zedmed Cloud. If you move from Zedmed On-Prem to Zedmed Cloud, you may need to have your securing messaging client reconfigured or moved.&nbs...