Zedmed v36.5 checklist

Zedmed v36.5 introduces features that need to be set up by the practice, and decisions will need to be made about their use. 

To assist with this, Zedmed has provided the following checklist.

My Medicare | User guide

  1. Confirm the process for identifying patients that have subscribed to MyMedicare.
  2. Inform clinic practitioners of the MyMedicare scheme and how to identify registered patients.
  3. Start using Zedmed to record patients' MyMedicare status.

Electronic signatures | User guide

  1. Determine if the practice wants to introduce electronic signatures.
  2. Collect and save practitioners' signatures in the required format. 
  3. Upload the practitioners' signatures into their profiles.
  4. Add the 'signature image' merge field under Treating Doctor to all WP templates requiring the feature.

Secure Send | User guide

  1. Review Secure Send and how it could be used for in-person and video/telehealth consultations.
  2. After upgrading to Zedmed v36.5 - submit a Secure Send request form to have your branded download page setup.
  3. Add pathology and a radiology addressee with the Secure Send template to the Clinical Address book.
  4. Create WP Template for selectable results to enable delivery to patients using secure send.

Scheduled recalls User guide

  1. Review the practice recalls and decide what could be automated.
  2. Plan the introduction based on what recall notifications have already been sent.
  3. Add the schedules and text for the automated recalls.