Management reports


Patients Report
The Patient Report lists information from the Patient Details screen according to the criteria you select.
Recalls Report
The Recalls Report is a mail merge program that's used to print reports of patients who have recalls maturing within a selected date range. It can also be used to print first or subsequent reminder letters using MS Word.
Statistics Report
The Statistics Report summarises the billing activity of each treating or referring doctor for a nominated date range. It can be run for all services or just those that include GST by changing the Tax Code criterion from All to GST.
Referral Doctors Statistics
The Referral Doctor Statistics Reports are useful for specialist practices because they help identify the referring practitioners that are sending the most patients.
Patient Service Report
The Patient Service Report contains all the criteria in the existing Patient Report but it can limit the list of patients to those who meet specific service criteria.
Assistant Service Report
The Assistant Service Report provides details on assisted billing, including the assisting surgeon, fees and any amounts outstanding.