OLA FAQ for patients

With Online Appointments, you can book an appointment at any time and find the location and practitioner that's right for you. 

Do I need to create an account to use OLA?

All patients, including existing patients, need to create an account the first time they use OLA.

  • Existing patients only need to provide their name, DOB, email address and Mobile number to create an account. 
  • New patients will fill in additional demographic information and have the option to include Medicare and concession card information.

To learn more, see the How to use OLA guide.

Can I add family members or dependants to my OLA account?

Yes. When you are logged into OLA you can select a child or family member.

To learn more, see the How to use OLA guide.

How can I find the right doctor?

If you select Our Doctors from the top menu, you'll be able to filter the doctors by their location (Our Centres), Medical Interests and Language's spoken . 

How does OLA save a place in the Zedmed Appointment Book?

When you select an appointment time, that slot is held for 10 minutes. The appointment time will be saved when you complete any first-time account setup steps and confirm the appointment. 

Can I cancel my online appointment?

It is up to the practice to determine if you can cancel your own appointment. If you are able to, there will be a Cancel Appointment button next to your booking when you log into your OLA account.

What information is saved by my OLA account

The following information is stored for OLA accounts:

  • The patient's email address and encrypted password
  • The patient's first name and last name
  • The last clinic booked (for UI and quick rebook functions)
  • The last doctor booked (for UI and quick rebook functions)
    • No time, appointment types or patient context is stored for last clinic or doctor.
    • Appointment history information is requested on demand and never stored.
  • A patient ID created by OLA.
  • The patient's first name (or preferred name instead if it was set when creating the patient.)