Register new patient
Create a new record for a patient and fill in the personal, practice and payment information. You can also link them to family members to make billing easier.
Find existing patient
Locating and opening a patient's record is one of the most frequent tasks performed in Zedmed. This article shows the easiest way to find and open a record and provides some tips and advice.
Attend a patient
Add a patient to the Waiting Room so their attendance can be managed and billed correctly. You can do this from the appointment book when a patient arrives or from the patient's record.
Invoice a patient
Use the information provided by the doctor to create an invoice and process the payment. The payer can be the patient, a third party or Medicare, and Zedmed supports Tyro, Bulk Billing and ECLIPSE payments.
Add or change a referral
Add referral details for a patient attending a specialist. This adds the referral information required for billing and for Medicare to approve refunds to the patient.
Archive or merge patients
Update the status of deceased patients and those who have not visited the practice in some time. This provides more appropriate search results and accurate information.
Account Enquiry guide
This guide explains how to use a patient's Account Enquiry screen to review, investigate, adjust and receipt invoices, and the different indicators available.