Create a schedule
Create a schedule to help manage what a doctor's time is used for. The schedule will be assigned an Activity Type, which determines the types of appointments that can be booked in that schedule's time slots.
Change a schedule (ongoing)
Change an existing schedule. This may be because you want to change or remove some sessions and is done by creating a new schedule to take over from the existing schedule on a specified date.
Extend a schedule (one-off)
Extend a doctor's schedule to add additional hours to a day without changing their permanent or ongoing schedule. This is for one-off extensions.
Mark a period as unavailable
Mark a period in the appointment book as unavailable for a doctor or a practice. This is often set up in advance for public holidays and planned leave.
Scheduling FAQ
Time in the Zedmed appointment book is divided into schedules, and each schedule has an activity type to determine the types of appointments that can be booked at that time.
Scheduling video guide
Learn about Zedmed's scheduling features in this 37-minute webinar. Select the Table of Contents icon in the video player to jump to specific topics.