Zedmed v35 upgrade portal

Zedmed v35 introduces support for Medicare’s new web services model. This documentation portal provides easy access to the guides that explain how this new model works, how to prepare and what has changed.

Performing the migration

These detailed guides will help you perform the upgrade and answer common questions.

  • Zedmed v35 migration guide
    Explains what to do before and after the upgrade, and includes useful checklists.
    Note: You must be running Windows 10 Pro or Windows Server 2008 R2 and later with TLS 1.2 enabled before upgrading. See the 'Confirm server operating system prerequisite' section in the migration guide for more information.

  • Zedmed v35 migration FAQ
    Answers common questions, including those from our Lunch and Learn sessions.

These post-upgrade tasks are noted in the migration guide and explained here in detail:

Post-migration videos

To help our customers get going after upgrading to Zedmed v35, we've made 3 how-to videos. Each video is embedded in its respective guide and added to a dedicated post-migration videos page for your convenience.

  • Video 1: Post-migration configurations (covers practice and doctor registration and connection testing).
  • Video 2: Submitting held Medicare and DVA invoices.
  • Video 3: Submitting held ECLIPSE invoices.

To see all the videos in one place, visit the Zedmed v35 post-migration videos page.

Billing after the upgrade

The main change for Medicare’s new web services model is how claims are submitted and how payments are reconciled. You no longer batch invoices, they are automatically sent once the invoice has been created, and when payments are received, they can all be receipted together with a click. This workflow is managed in the new Claims Status screen, which shows sent invoices on one tab and payments received on another.  

There is still the option to suppress bulk bill invoices so you can review and submit them at the end of the day, and the responses will still include single payments for groups of invoices, even though invoices are no longer batched. 

New claims menu

Instead of the previous set of 7 Batching menu options, Zedmed v35 has a Claims button that will open the Claim Status screen. This new screen has a Claims tab and a Payments tab, and each is explained in the guides below. 

New invoicing guides

There are only minor changes to invoice creation, specifically the send steps at the end, as explained in the updated guides below. 

Claims Status screen guides

The introduction of Medicare Web Services means you no longer need to batch invoices in Zedmed. Claims are automatically sent one at a time and the invoices will still be paid in bulk by Medicare. This simplifies the process and streamlines it across the different payment types.

These guides introduce the new Claims Status screen and its Claims and Payment tabs:

Lunch & learn

Learn how to process claims & payments using Zedmed v35 and Medicare’s new web services model.